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Training update: I don't know what day it is or if this actually counts as a training update

The title pretty much says it all here. It's been what feels like a very long past three weeks here and it's not because of quarantine. While I thought my injury was on the up and up after taking several days off to just cross-train it turns out more time off is the answer.

My days soon consisted of mostly rolling out with my usual gang of tools followed by core and stability work instead of supplemental cross-training. For the past week, I've been pushed back all the way to nothing. That's right nothing. No running, no biking, no core, just rest. At first, it was a nice change, I binge-watched Netflix, broke out my old PS3, and worked on some projects, but now I just miss being active.

In some ways, I think more than anything not having physical activity makes quarantine feel even more real. Not being able to go on walks or out for a long bike ride feels like a lockdown.

At this point, I feel like I have absolutely nothing to do each day apart from bits and pieces of projects for DTC. I hit the true boredom state when I realized I no longer wanted to read or watch any more episodes of anything and was literally staring at the wall to pass the time. Clearly, I'm adapting well to life with no physical outlet of any kind.

On the plus side, my hip feels less bad than usual. I'm not limping around my apartment and was actually able to help a bit during our move. With about 200 more square feet I've finally got a nice little yoga/ exercise corner that I look at every morning and wish I could use. Our kitchen is way more spacious (an excuse to make new recipes over the coming weeks) and the view looking down at a green space is dreamy.

Fingers crossed the running gods smile down upon me soon with some answer to this injury, in the meantime, I'll be on the couch.

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