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  • Michelle Howell

The upside of social distancing

This past week things have changed a lot. The day I got back to DC, March 14, my building announced it was closing all common spaces including the gym. This past Tuesday we lost the track and gym we use to lift. Team Canada's pulled out of the Olympics and USATF is pushing for a postponement. It's unclear how this year is going to play out.

Half of my one-bedroom is now dedicated to a makeshift gym consisting of Max's bike on a stand (my new cross-training outlet, which is very, very loud with the resistance on), med ball, bands, free weights and a Bosu ball compliments of FRC. So far going out for runs is still manageable. However, instead of meeting as a team five times a week, we're only meeting twice with the men's and women's team at separate times.

Am I worried though? Not really. Does it stress me out? A little, but before we got on our flight to come back to DC, we knew that this year was going to be different. Different isn't always a bad thing and finding the good in the bad is the best thing to do in situations like this. You can either choose to adapt and be flexible to what's going on or be swallowed by the panic.

The way I see it this is the time to practice and establish good habits- like rolling, stretching, prehab, and kickstarting things you've been meaning to do- like journaling or being more aware of your diet. Now's the time to devote more time to the little things. For me, I'm just looking at this as an extension of training camp- focus on training, get in the little things, and take care of my body. Those are my only real responsibilities right now and even though I was looking forward to getting back into my usual routine being stuck in this cycle isn't that bad of an alternative.

If you are like me though and looking for a bit more to do to stimulate your social distancing existence here's some things that are keeping me on the up and up:

Free fitness to keep you physically fit:

  • Healthy At Home- UA's Mapmyfitness platforms have started a Healthy At Home Challenge to encourage you to stay active and have that activity go toward a good cause. The challenge? Log tweleve workouts between 3/23- 4/21. In lieu of prizes, UA has pledged to donate up to one million in monetary and product support to Good Sports, a nonprofit oriented toward ensuring all kids have access to sports and the benefits of physical activity.

  • Yoga via Youtube -I've been a big fan of youtube for my own yoga practice for years because getting to a studio regularly is hard. Some of my favorites to flow to are Yoga with Adrienne and Yoga with Kassandra

  • Core Power- If you're not a fan of youtube for your yoga fix the chain Core Power is offering some free online classes now

  • Down Dog- is also providing free streaming of classes

Free stuff to keep you mentally stimulated: