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Healthy at home: food edition

I'm back with another edition of healthy at home and this time we're focusing on food. Why? Because in our apartment it's been a big topic of interest these days- What are we going to make? What do we have in the fridge? Should we make pasta again? Do we really need to have dessert tonight?

These are the big questions going down and for good reason- we don't have that much else going on! The only problem with this new extra focus on food is the temptation to make too much, indulge, and of course snack the day away, a problem that after talking with some other quarantine friends isn't unique to us. So today I'm sharing some tips and tricks to staying on top of good habits while stuck inside.

Make a list

I'm a big fan of grocery lists to help make trips to the store smooth and to eliminate impulse buying. Our grocers have limits on how many people are allowed in-store at a time as well as ques outside before entering so having a list of what you need makes a shorter trip in and out- saving you time and allowing others to get in and out too.

Buy fresh when you can

This is something I emphasize year-round in our household because there is such a big difference not only in taste but also in nutritional value between fresh vs frozen and canned foods. We don't just use these rule with veggies, but our proteins as well. When it comes to protein, seafood is my primary source so half the grocery trips we take a week are geared toward checking out the seafood counter and seeing what's available.

seafood is one thing we always try to buy fresh

Watch the snacking

This is one I've definitely been guilty of. I am a binge snack eater and very aware that when I'm bored snacking is what I turn to. After annihilating a whole bag of tortilla chips in a day during week one of social distancing I've made amendments to our grocery list to avoid buying foods that I know I'll be tempted to grab too much of during the day.

Compliments of @iggypuzzles via instagram

Go easy on the takeout

I don't know about you all, but I feel like since the beginning of this month I've been hit with a TON of targeted adds for takeout and delivery. I get them between bingeing Big Little Lies on Hulu, push notifications from my UberEats app, and littered across my email. I am all for supporting local business, but while ordering take out at this time can feel like a no brainer and comfort it should still be treated as a luxury item. During this quarantine, we've ordered out a grand total of twice- once for pizza from a place we've been meaning to try and once for some good old Chinese takeout to celebrate the end of Max's externship.

Instead of takeout try finding yourself a recipe you're interested in, you know the one that's been on your Pinterest board forever or the one you bookmarked in your saved feed on Instagram. Making something from scratch is a rewarding process and fun to do by yourself or with your quarantine bubble.

Pantry staples I'm loving right now

For more healthy at-home tips you can check out my last blog on myofascial release aka rolling out tired and sore muscles.

Keep staying Healthy at Home!

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